We finally have a more useful nice looking home page! We'll have all our news and important topics posted on here from now on for your convenience.

The new home page also introduces an article system so a post like this will have a different blog styled page layout, instead of a normal forum thread style.

Today we've joined forces with NoobFusion and have given them a new home here at Fragworks. The Fragworks Team would like to extend a warm welcome to @MR. CHOW and his team!

The merge enabled us to set up two new servers, GunGame and a casual server with a Dust2/Office/Train rotation both of which are in LA. Also, thanks to @gon4alo and his donation of a server, we also have revived our Europe SK server which is now residing in Portugal!
Check out our server list for the new servers!

We have also been having issues database issues with the website, and we're migrating it elsewhere. Hopefully this should help the situation by sometime tomorrow.
We're excited with our whole slew of updates we've recently made (or soon to be made), and we hope you are too, here's a list!

New Server Perks for Donors
We've added new donors menu that lets donors access our newly added perks! Type in !donor in game chat to access the menu!

The new donor menu includes:
  • Sprays - Press your use key to spray your selected tag! You can select your tag in the donor menu. Donate $20 or more and get a custom spray added to the spray library - note that everyone else will be able to use it as well.
  • Easier access to previous perks, like voting.
  • (Coming soon) Custom player models
  • (Coming soon) Custom weapon skins
New Plugin: Clutch or Cluck
(Expected /Coming soon) In a 1 vs 5 (or more) situation the lone player has the option (a menu will pop up) of getting 200 HP for the remainder of the round for a fair attempt to clutch, but if they fail, they turn into a chicken with 1 HP next round. Note: chickens can hold only knives with their beaks! :)
We had a trial run of the plugin but it was glitchy, once @Maxximou5 finishes the changes, it'll be loaded again.

Nightly 10 Man / Weekly Events
Starting at 6PM PST every night
, we will have matches of friendly 10 man competitive play on our scrim server. Join our TeamSpeak server in order to join in! If we're full you're welcome to ask us to let us know if a spot clears up, as we most likely won't have a set end time.

We will also be having weekly events on a weekend that vary every week, such as one in the chamber, USP Ninjas, Hide N Seek, Gladiator, and of course some scoutzknivez. Depending on the turn out and our...
Earlier in the week we were unfortunately forced to shut down our Europe server due to the low amount of donations this month.

However, we are still interested in being available in the region. If you are from the European region and would like to continually see a server please make a donation and encourage others you've played with to do so as well! Have no money to spare? Feel free to use this thread as a sort of petition to bring back the EU servers!

We also have announced our first ever tournament, Kings of the Server! Check out the contests forum for more info.

We also still have a green light for the contest at the end of the month for top ranking players in each server. You have till the midnight of the 31st to battle it out for 1st place!
Bask in the glory of our new website! We've switched to a newer, slicker, more secure, and modern Forum platform - XenForo. Not only that, but we're also having some major changes in the way we operate.

An important note: All accounts have been erased, so you must re-register on the new site! The new website also features mandatory secure steam login. Be assured that we do not receive any personal account information from Steam, the steamcommunity.com login page explains this in more detail.

Streaming and Website Content
We now have Twitch streams integrated into the site, and we're looking for dedicated and awesome streamers to promote! Our end goal is to have a near-constant schedule of streamers streaming from our Twitch channel. This is especially great for new streamers since you get to promote your stream through us!

An article system will also soon be implemented onto the site, in which we will showcase gaming/technology related news, game tips, reviews, and more. We're also looking for content editors who have tact for writing professionally, are able to abide by our content guidelines and write an article a week.

We will also be posting more regular content on our Facebook page and Twitter!

Team Refresh & Restructuring
The Fragworks Team will be refreshed effective immediately. All previous members in our old steam group will be purged. All existing members must register on the website within 2 weeks, by March 9th 11:59PM (PST), otherwise you will be removed from the team. If this occurs you are welcome to reapply, and as long as you were previously in good standing you will be...