We'll be hosting another tournament, this time a three versus three! If there is enough demand, there could be two divisions: Main/Pro. If any thing is unclear, or you have issues with the setup, feel free to leave a comment.

Tournament Date/Time: Feburary 28 @ 12 PM (PST) if there are too many participants we may have to start on the 27th!
Bracket Style: Double Elimination, BO3, with a 16-0 clinch*
Map selection: 1st - fws/2nd - v2/3rd - randomly chosen
Entry Fee: $15 per team ($5/person)
Prizes: Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Amounts TBD @ Entry Deadline)
Deadline for fees/entry: February 21st 11:59 PM PST**
*If you win out 16 rounds and your opponent loses with 0 on the first match, you advance to the next round (subject to change)
**You may enter later than this, but your fee will be bumped up to $20/team after this date!

To enter: Please submit your team list, with a specified leader and team name, as a comment/reply to this post. Then send one $15 donation (or split $5 donations) with a note including: Tourny Fees for [TEAM NAME]. Once you have done both and are approved***, you will be added to the official team list on this post. Lastly, at least team leaders should me on Steam!
***Non-approved teams will be refunded and other team members may be ineligible to join a new team. (For example if one team member has a VAC/server ban this can disqualify everyone else on the team as well.)

The match will be streamed, and will be found on our streams page.
The servers will be wiped, and reinstalled tonight, which will hopefully clean up our lag issues seen across all servers. We are sorry for the delays in getting this done, we know it has been a huge nuisance to game play and would like to thank you for your patience and loyalty despite the extreme lag!

Stats will now be reset quarterly (every three months), so there will be no monthly reset in Feburary, and the next reset will be at the start of April. This should allow us to have better prizes when we reintroduce top player prizes, if donations improve!

Our Europe servers have also just moved, if you have not seen the server messages. The move to France will fix the lag issues due to a DDoS protection system that was in place in the Portugal location.
New Europe IP: or eu.fragworks.net:60016 (once the DNS propagates/updates in up to 12 hours)

NA Servers will go offline starting at 12:00 AM PST/3:00 AM PST.
Once the maintenance is complete, server addresses and current stats will be unaffected.

Current Maintenance Status
Online / Finished

This weekend Fragworks claimed 3rd place at Fragadelphia, which was our team's first LAN event! If you missed the live stream VOD of the stream can be watched at http://www.azubu.tv/fragadelphia and http://www.azubu.tv/artv. We hope to see another great performance in their upcoming ESEA Season as well, for both teams!

The eSports Teams page has been added under 'About Us' with some information on our teams. If you feel like something is lacking feel free to send me a message!
Some exciting news, Fragworks has sponsored two pro teams (ESEA-P & ESEA-IM)! One of which will be making their debut this upcoming weekend at Fragadelphia (Jan. 22-24), with a $12,000 prize pot. Be sure to watch the live stream available on their website! We will have a page up soon with the team bios and full team lists (the list is also on the Fragadelphia site)

As we have sponsored this team, by paying for some travel as well as the team's registration fees, our funds are running extremely low ($25)! Donations would be greatly appreciated in this time of need!

Good luck to our pro team this upcoming weekend!
First off the Fragworks team would like to wish everyone a Belated Happy New Year!

We've switched from Teamspeak to Discord for our voice/text chat. You can access it from the side bar, or under the servers tab. Aside from it's more pleasant interface and many other benefits, Discord makes it much easier for us to manage the server, as well as costing us no resources.

The website is also blazing fast thanks to @Maxximou5 and his CloudFlare CDN handy work! It should be extremely fast now, if not you need a better connection.

More exciting updates to come soon!
Hey guys,

Sorry I've been out for a while. I just had another procedure for my back, and if this one doesn't work, they want to put a spinal stimulator in my spine. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS). In spinal cord stimulation, soft, thin wires with electrical leads on their tips are placed through a needle in the back near to the spinal column. The leads are placed through a needle inserted in the back (no incision is required). A small incision is then made and a tiny, programmable generator is placed in the upper buttock or abdomen (under the skin) which emits electrical currents to the spinal column.

If I haven't replied back to your email, do NOT worry as I'm slowly but surely responding to everyone. If there are questions that can't be answered by me, I'll be sure to direct them to Maxx or Inceptron.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
Here's a quick update on our lag issue! The recent lag issues were most noticeable when the server had about 15+ players, however it can even happen with players as low as 7. This seems to be an issue with the server software itself, and not the plugins we have running. To help alleviate this, we've had to decrease the server tick to 102.4 (basically the amount of updates the server runs per second). As soon as there is a server update pushed which has more efficient CPU usage, we will revert back to our 128 tick.

Note that regular valve servers run at 64 tick, and our scrim scoutzknivez servers are also running at the same tick, with no complaints, so decreasing the tick should not be a huge issue especially given that it is reducing lag spikes on the server.

In order to keep the servers at 128 tick we would have to substantially increase donations in order to add 3 supplementing servers which are more expensive (almost double the price), and would very cost prohibitive.

Feel free to let us know what you think about the tick decrease by commenting below!
We finally have a more useful nice looking home page! We'll have all our news and important topics posted on here from now on for your convenience.

The new home page also introduces an article system so a post like this will have a different blog styled page layout, instead of a normal forum thread style.

Today we've joined forces with NoobFusion and have given them a new home here at Fragworks. The Fragworks Team would like to extend a warm welcome to @MR. CHOW and his team!

The merge enabled us to set up two new servers, GunGame and a casual server with a Dust2/Office/Train rotation both of which are in LA. Also, thanks to @gon4alo and his donation of a server, we also have revived our Europe SK server which is now residing in Portugal!
Check out our server list for the new servers!

We have also been having issues database issues with the website, and we're migrating it elsewhere. Hopefully this should help the situation by sometime tomorrow.
We're excited with our whole slew of updates we've recently made (or soon to be made), and we hope you are too, here's a list!

New Server Perks for Donors
We've added new donors menu that lets donors access our newly added perks! Type in !donor in game chat to access the menu!

The new donor menu includes:
  • Sprays - Press your use key to spray your selected tag! You can select your tag in the donor menu. Donate $20 or more and get a custom spray added to the spray library - note that everyone else will be able to use it as well.
  • Easier access to previous perks, like voting.
  • (Coming soon) Custom player models
  • (Coming soon) Custom weapon skins
New Plugin: Clutch or Cluck
(Expected /Coming soon) In a 1 vs 5 (or more) situation the lone player has the option (a menu will pop up) of getting 200 HP for the remainder of the round for a fair attempt to clutch, but if they fail, they turn into a chicken with 1 HP next round. Note: chickens can hold only knives with their beaks! :)
We had a trial run of the plugin but it was glitchy, once @Maxximou5 finishes the changes, it'll be loaded again.

Nightly 10 Man / Weekly Events
Starting at 6PM PST every night
, we will have matches of friendly 10 man competitive play on our scrim server. Join our TeamSpeak server in order to join in! If we're full you're welcome to ask us to let us know if a spot clears up, as we most likely won't have a set end time.

We will also be having weekly events on a weekend that vary every week, such as one in the chamber, USP Ninjas, Hide N Seek, Gladiator, and of course some scoutzknivez. Depending on the turn out and our...